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Pat Donlea, the President of Santa-Cause, was planning his annual holiday get together. As he was putting together his invite list, he realized that he wanted to do something different that year...something bigger and more significant than the traditional eat, drink and be merry of his past parties. So, he decided to turn his holiday get together into a party with a purpose. Instead of bringing the customary bottle of wine to the party, Pat asked his guests to bring holiday presents for a child. He donated all of the those gifts to a local charity that in turn provided the presents to families in need.

That Santa-Cause idea has now grown into an organization dedicated to continuing and growing the Santa-Cause concept. Our goal for the 2004 holiday season is to provide local charities with enough presents to help at least 1,000 families. But we need your help! To learn more about how easy and rewarding it is to turn your holiday party into a Santa-Cause party read our Frequently Asked Questions!
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