Ever year thousands of Dalit kids in India suffer from caste based violence and discrimination. The word “Dalit” means untouchable. They are tortured because they are born to parents in low caste. These kids are not encouraged to attend public schools or interact with high caste society . They are usually abused and crimes against them go unnoticed.

We are trying to bring a little happiness to these children during the wonderful time of Christmas. Our cause is called Santa-Cause. It is Santa helping a good cause.
We are looking for kind corporate sponsors who can support this cause through donations and be a kind Santa Claus to these children.Your valuable contribution will help these unfortunate kids to build a better future themselves .

Kind Regards

Santa-Cause Team


This Christmas, Santa-Cause team will support Mission Sisters of the St.-Petrus-Claver-Sodalität in Zug with their mission and charity to help Dalit children in India who are facing poverty and caste based violence.Your donation will be used to provide help and also bring smiles to these little unfortunate kids.  For more information please visit   http://www.petrus-claver.ch/Projekte/