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Santa-Cause event is about children helping children through Santa Claus

Let your children participate in a magical Christmas evening with Santa Claus while they support a charity which will bring smiles to many unfortunate children far away..

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The Santa-Cause event takes place on 22. December from 14h-18h in Kanton Zug

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From Santa's post children can prepare a letter to Santa with their Christmas wish.They are also encouraged to make a drawing or a greeting card to those children who needs help

Parents can see their child’s Christmas wish and secretly prepare the gift. Keep the gift ready, two days before the event Santa’s Elves will come and collect the gift from you

At the Santa-Cause Event, children will party with Santa and receive their gift from him. They will also have Fun packed evening. But mostly importantly they get the chance to help a little friend in need 

Santa-Cause Event Switzerland 2019

This Christmas, Santa-Cause event will support Mission Sisters of the 

St.-Petrus-Claver-Sodalität in Zug with their mission and charity to help Dalit children in India who are facing poverty and caste based violence.

Your child´s donation will be used to provide help and also bring smiles to these little unfortunate kids.  

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